Baloo Learning


That is Baloo. We learn all through life, it doesn’t end when finishing school. We learn at work, in our everyday lives. Learn from each other, with each other. Baloo enables social and easy to reach learning.




We have developed a user interface that lets you, as a course and content designer, do exactly what you need – produce digital courses and programs. Simple and neat!


There were obstacles – we eliminated them

Never again will it be complicated to make educational content digital. Never again will you be confused by thousands of buttons and settings. We support the most important processes in Baloo – create online courses, set up times for meetings and target these to the right groups and persons.

What can I create in Baloo?

You can create digital courses, for example onboarding courses targeted to new employees. Maybe a course in GDPR or information security? You can also create programs where you package these online courses, maybe combine them with meetings. Set up a meeting where you let the employees book the date that suits them best. Package the course and the meeting in a program combining a digital test to follow up on the meeting. And just like that – you have created blended learning!



It is in Learn where the magic happens – where the employees learn and build their competence bank! Here the employees are presented a buffet of inspiring courses and programs.


Knowledge is everywhere – share it

Reality often looks depending on the organisation. Different roles and departments in an organisation sits on different knowledge. By making it easy to share the knowledge between individuals and teams, we open the doors to a new type of learning: a collaborative learning environment where the borders between individuals and teams are erased.

Increasing motivation and the will to learn

By enabling employees to share their knowledge between eachother, we are changing the learning culture, the entire way of looking at competence development in work life. With likes and hearts we are increasing the motivation and will to learn – to take the colleagues “Tips and tricks”-course will be fun, inspiring and above all useful. We believe in a new way developing and growing your staffs competence – with Baloo we are setting the pace for the futures learning organisaiton.



With one single click you can easily get an overview of the organisations competence status. You quickly see where the knowledge gaps are and where you have work left to do.


Baloo keeps track so that you don’t have to

Baloo secures the competence at your organisations while you can sit back. As a manager you shouldn’t have to spend time on getting your employees to finish important courses – that is Baloos job. If you still want to follow up on the competence status, only one click is needed to reach the overview in Baloos Analyse tool.

Quickly access the information you are looking for

You can easily choose different parameters and filters to find the information you need. Which groups or persons hasn’t finished the GDPR-course? How does status on the onboarding program look? You will find these answers in Analyse.