Baloo has a new product owner! Her name is May Lo and she started working with us a few weeks ago. We asked her some questions.

Hi May! We heard you speak mostly English. What’s your story?
My parents are originally from Hong Kong. We moved to the US when I was five and I was then raised as a Texan. I then moved to New York a couple years after I finished university and spent most of my career working in various finTech companies in product management.  I met my Swedish husband in New York, and we moved to Stockholm ten years ago. And here I am!

So you’re a Texan, cool!
I’m a bit of both. The Texan side of me still love southern food like chicken fried steak, briskets, and buttermilk biscuits, but I am a New Yorker at heart.

What kind of work did you do before coming here?
I worked for a gaming company with gamification tools.

What does a product owner do anyway?
My job is to create a product customers will love. I plan and prioritize the development of the Baloo product and features to make it as amazing as possible and to get the most value.

That sounds like fun! What’s your first impression of your new colleagues here at Ping Pong?
They are fun and friendly and very skilled and knowledgeable about the edTech industry.

Why did you choose to work with learning?
I am passionate about learning and I believe that this is the industry that can really change with disruptive innovation.  Ping Pong is the perfect company to work for to be a part of this change.

What was the last thing you learned?
I went long distance ice skating for the first time a few week ago on Lake Mälaren. It was amazing!

Ok, that’s it for now! We’re so glad to have you!
Thanks, I’m happy to be here.

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